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Workforce Procurement Technology (EVMS)

Our personalized, corporate platform, called Channel Management Systems (CMS), automates the entire process of sourcing, hiring, and invoicing of contracted resources, which eliminates inefficiencies and improves contractor management. With CMS, companies manage their own network of preferred staffing agency relationships and work efficiently and intelligently with these partners, delivering benefits to all parties in the network.


Our technology solution is a complete Internet platform for companies to Source, Hire, and Manage a contingent workforce.

Source: The solution allows companies to build and manage their own private, preferred network of suppliers. To build this network, companies can use their current list of staffing vendors or choose to develop relationships with vendors from the Elevated Resources vendor network that more closely meet their needs. The solution eliminates maverick spending and ensures that companies develop relationships with the right agencies to secure the best talent. Our solution supports your vendor management program by allowing you to:

  • Create a private network of preferred vendors
  • Track vendor discounts
  • Define vendor and sub-vendor relationships
  • Evaluate vendor performance

Hire: Our solution allows managers to quickly and easily submit job requests and interview, reject, or hire candidates from their desktop. CMS streamlines interactions, speeds time-to-hire, improves candidate quality, and simplifies the process of working with multiple staffing agencies.

  • Create job requests
  • Schedule and confirm
  • Provide candidate feedback interviews
  • Submit candidates
  • Review candidate submittals
  • Negotiate contract terms
  • Manage candidate short-lists
  • Hire candidates
  • Customized on-Boarding Training

Manage: Managers replace today’s paper-intensive and inefficient timesheet and invoice approvals with email-triggered, on-line approvals that are based on a company’s unique business rules. Companies also receive a single, consolidated invoice across all vendors, which easily integrate with a company’s existing financial or ERP applications. We provide a complete suite of tools to manage contractors.

  • Report time and expenses
  • Simplify invoice approval
  • Speed time and expense approval
  • Report contractor performance
  • Improve contractor and project analysis
  • Monitor timesheets and expenses
  • Integrates easily with existing systems
  • Consolidate invoices across HR, financial and scheduling systems

Supplier Performance Measurement

Your suppliers are measured and monitored through our software tools. Our entire program is predicated on assuring that your staffing suppliers are providing quality candidates in a timely basis at competitive rates. Each supplier is measured using an automated scorecard that analyses each supplier in terms of responsiveness, quality, and price.

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