Workforce Management.
The ELEVATE platform enables human resources teams to more effectively manage enterprise-wide talent pools, offering substantial strategic and financial benefits.

Advanced Talent Pool Management

Elevated Resources’ ELEVATE is the first integrated demand planning and supply chain execution platform for labor and talent.

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Demand Planning
  • Track labor hour forecast by sales funnel stage
  • Facilitate FTE sizing and skill gaps
  • Program & project optimization
Resource Management
  • Skills and utilization tracking
  • Complex talent pool management
  • Resource optimization tools
Matching Engine & Resource Optimization
  • Skill lexicon matching with availability scoring
  • Assignment optimization – realigning over-skilled
  • Search, score review and sta resources
  • Intelligent attrition analysis; workforce and
    succession planning, risk scoring
Project Task Management
  • Centralized document repository
  • Work item management tools
  • WBS and schedule tracking

Reinvent Your Workforce

ELEVATE is used by middle-market customers to manage their forecasting, sourcing and assignment of contingent workers. Elevated Resources connects organizations’ demands for labor in the form of sales opportunities, programs and projects with their supply chains for labor which encompass the internal workforce, talent acquisition for new hires and procurement for contract labor.

Companies rely on ELEVATE to achieve their aggressive growth plans, support their workforce mobility objectives, and better optimize their overall workforce utilization rates.

Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Inside and outside your organization can work together
  • Quicknotes, email strings, conversation management
  • Team aligned communications
Total Talent Pool Management
  • Source / Procure / Manage talent from multiple channels
  • ATS, supplier partners, social channels, gig networks
  • Channel management and contingent tracking
Time & Expense Tracking
  • Accurate view of team effort
  • Effective dating and billing / cost rates for tasks
  • Mobile T&E review and approval
Financial Management
  • Custom invoice formats by client
  • Flexible reporting by project elements
  • Integrates with accounting packages

Complex Technologies. Simple Processes.

ELEVATE’s technology is based on three principles which allow it to simplify the entire process: demand visibility, competency and availability scoring, and tailored capacity optimization routines. At the highest level, the ELEVATE platform consists of five modules. Two strategic modules include Labor Forecasting and Capacity Planning which help enterprises maintain an active two to three-year view of their labor demand and workforce capacity. Three operational modules support the enterprise near-term labor demand management, assignment sourcing and talent pool management.

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